12 Best Organic Bedding Brands For an Eco Friendly Sleep [2023]

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Nothing will make a sustainability enthusiast happier than sleeping on eco-friendly organic bedding made by brands that care about sustainability.

Organic cotton bedding is gentle on your skin and contains zero chemicals. The organic cotton used to make this bedding is grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals keeping the environment clean and safe.

The good news is that there are a number of brands that sell high-quality eco-friendly bedding. Let’s take a look at some of the best organic bedding choices for you.

12 Best Organic Bedding Brands

These 12 organic bedding brands are the best for anyone looking to create an eco-friendly and healthy bedroom:

1. SOL Organics

Sol Organics eco friendly bedding

SOL Organics is grounded on sustainable, organic, fair, and transparent principles. When it comes to their bedding, these four principles are well visible. The eco-friendly bedding is certified by GOTS and OEKO-TEX and contains zero harmful chemicals and dyes.

The brand works with fair trade partners only and ensures that all their bedding is made by people who are paid a fair wage.

The bedding is not only reasonably affordable but also cozy and gets even softer over time.

Based in: Minneapolis, USA. Ships internationally.



2. Pact

PACT organic bedding

Pact offers amazingly comfortable organic cotton bedding at competitive price points. The brand offers sheets, shams, and duvet covers all made with 100 percent organic cotton in a Fair Trade certified factory.

No harmful pesticides and fertilizers are used in the production of Pact bedding, thus there is little to no water pollution in the production process.

Pact uses organic cotton because it keeps the soils, ecosystems, and people healthy by using natural farming processes. That means no toxic chemicals and 91% less water than non-organic cotton.

Based in: Colorado, USA. Ships internationally.



3. Coyuchi Bedding

Coyuchi organic luxury bedding

Coyuchi has purely indulgent bedding that you’ll want to sleep on all day. The brand’s organic luxury bedding ranges from diamond-stitched comforters to classic blankets and throws, to flannel sheets all built to last.

The brand follows standards set by USDA Organic, GOTS, Textile Exchange, Fair Trade USA, and the International Labour Organization to make sure that their entire production process is sustainable. They also use low-impact dyes.

For transparency, Coyuchi compares the impact of its organic products to conventional cotton. For instance, the Percale sheets save over 1,400 days of drinking water and 141 sq ft of land farmed without the use of pesticides.

Based in: California, USA. Ships in the USA only.



4. Boll & Branch Organic Bedding

Boll & Branch organic bedding sets

Boll & Branch bedding is 100% certified organic and certified by Fair Trade to ensure the makers are paid and treated well. These organic bedding sets come in great quality and feel amazing.

The brand’s Classic Hemmed Sheets have a buttery feel and get softer after each wash, they’ll leave you wanting to stay in bed all day long.

Boll & Branch is truly committed to sustainability. In fact, it was named the first-ever linens manufacturer to be fully Fair Trade certified. They also use eco-friendly packaging for sustainability.

Based in: USA. Ships in the US and Canada only.



5. Snowe

Snowe organic linen bedding

You’ll love Snowe’s smooth linen sheets that are soft to the touch thanks to an “air whipping” process.

All of Snowe’s organic linen bedding is entirely nontoxic and hand-finished in Italy. The brand has factories in Portugal and the US that are fully committed to upholding high ethical standards, providing clean and safe working environments, as well as fair wages.

Snowe’s main goal is to make high-end, sustainable, quality goods attainable and affordable to everyone hence their affordable price points.

Based in: New York City, USA. Ships in the US only.



6. Looma Organic Bedding

Looma fair trade bedding

Looma offers signature buttery soft fair trade bedding made from the highest quality grade available – 100% Organic, Long-staple Himalayan Cotton. Looma’s unique strain of cotton has extremely long and strong fibers called staples. The wispy fibers make for fabric that’s twice as soft and four times more durable than conventional cotton

The brand’s sateen sheets are sewn from GOTS certified organic cotton that will get better with every wash. The duvet cover is made from the same organic cotton, making it breathable yet luxurious.

For each bedding set sold, Looma supports a month of girls’ education in India.

Based in: USA. Ships worldwide.



7. The Citizenry

Citizenry bedding

Citizenry makes dreamy, sustainable, and ethical bedding that you will love. From stonewashed French flax linen duvets to organic Turkish cotton bundles, you can find whatever you need for the best night’s sleep.

All of the brand’s products are ethically made in partnerships with artisans and family-run mills around the world. The Citizenry stays committed to providing fair wages, happy working environments, and sustaining grants for their artisans,

The Citizenry makes its products in small batches. Each bedding item is handcrafted, hand-numbered, and available only in limited quantities to ensure it’s as extraordinary as the culture that inspired it.

Based in: Dallas, USA. Ships internationally.



8. American Blossom Linens

American Blossom organic bedding made in the USA is created using 100% Organic Cotton grown by family farmers in West Texas. The eco-friendly and chemical-free bedding is woven to last a lifetime and will grow softer the more you wash it.

All American Blossom products are produced in the US using the highest possible standards. While most brands have moved all their productions overseas, American Blossom has maintained theirs. The entire manufacturing process, from farmer to sewer, is kept in the USA.

Based in: Georgia, USA. Ships in the US only.



9. Plushbeds

Plushbeds is another brand that offers a wide range of bedding textiles that is soft and luxurious. Plushbed crafts its bedding using pure, botanical materials that are certified to meet the world’s most stringent standards.

The brand believes the air you breathe should be clean and healthy that’s why it is fully committed to promoting sustainability and protecting the planet. They also use packaging made from biodegradable materials to ship all their products.

Based in: California. Ships internationally.



10. Naturepedic

Naturepedic organic bedding is GOTS & MADE SAFE certified meaning it was produced with worker safety, welfare, and organic purity as a priority. The bedding comes with a clean, simple range of options that will pair perfectly with an organic mattress.

The brand’s organic luxury sheet set is especially a favorite for many. The sheet is made using 100% certified organic cotton and has a 400 thread count sateen fitted and flat sheets.

The organic cotton used to produce the brand’s bedding is grown without synthetic insecticides, herbicides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The company gives back 1% of its profits to the planet in a bid to make it a better place.

Based in: USA. Ships in the US and Canada.



More Eco-Friendly & Organic Bedding Brands

11. Under The Canopy – This brand features a range of inexpensive bedding. They adhere to 6 kinds of certifications {FAIR TRADE, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, C2C, RCS & FSC}.

12. Avocado – This brand’s bedding is made of GOTS certified organic cotton or linen. Bedding pieces include sheet sets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and inserts.

These organic bedding brands are sure to guarantee you a cozy night’s sleep and you can rest assured that the planet doesn’t suffer more harm from what you buy.

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