Best Reusable Coffee Cups 2021: 10 Eco-conscious Coffee Mugs to Buy

Are you trying to live an environmentally-conscious life but just not ready to kick the caffeine habit? You know that the single-use plastic coffee cup you get every single time you go for your caffeine fix is harming the environment.

You want to enjoy your coffee and not harm the planet. So what to do?

How about getting yourself a reusable coffee cup.

Made from recyclable plastic, glass, or bamboo fibers, a reusable cup is sustainable and way better than a throwaway cup. It can save you money too because your favorite coffee shop could be among many high-street chains that offer discounts for customers who bring their own cups.

There are so many good eco-friendly and reusable coffee cups in the market today.

Let’s help you pick the best reusable coffee cup for your coffee habits.

Quick Answer: The Best Eco-Friendly & Reusable Coffee Cup In 2021

KeepCup Brew Cork

Why it is better?

✔️ Made from durable tempered glass
✔️ Light-weight & easy to drink from
✔️ BPA, BPS, & phthalates free


1700+ Reviews

Overview of the Best Reusable Coffee Cups & Mugs

There are so many great eco-friendly and reusable coffee cups in the market today. Here is an overview of the top coffee cups and mugs:

#1KeepCup Brew Cork, Reusable Glass Cup4.6/5Check Current Price
#2YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug, Stainless Steel,4.6/5Check Current Price
#3JOCO 6oz Glass Reusable Coffee Cup4.6/5Check Current Price
#4Ecoffee Cup Stargrape Reusable Coffee Cup4.5/5Check Current Price
#5Contigo Luxe Autoseal Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug4.5/5Check Current Price
#6Bodum Vacuum Travel Mug4.4/5Check Current Price
#7Copco 2510-9966 Acadia Double Wall Insulated Travel Mug4.4/5Check Current Price
#8OXO Good Grips Mini Travel Mug, 10 oz, Graphite4.2/5Check Current Price
#9Stojo On The Go Coffee Cup4.1/5Check Current Price
#10BODUM Bistro Double Wall Insulated Travel Press4.1/5Check Current Price

Still undecided about with one to go with? Let’s help you pick the best reusable coffee cup for your coffee habits.

Our Detailed Reviews of the Best Reusable Coffee Cups in 2021

1. Best reusable coffee cup overall – KeepCup


KeepCup is a stylish reusable coffee cup created by Aussie former cafe owners. The cup is made from tough, durable, fully-tempered soda-lime glass and is fully recyclable. The cups are lightweight and come in five different sizes and a whole range of on-trend colors to choose from. Want to make your KeepCup even more stylish? Buy lids, bands, and plugs separately in different colors and create your own cup designs. If you want to know more read our full KeepCup review.

2. Best value eco-friendly coffee cup – Oxo


Looking for a reusable coffee cup that’s not too pricey yet is of good quality? The Oxo mug is a perfect choice. This affordable coffee mug has a plastic body with a strip of silicone to make it easy to grip right under the lid. The top button is totally leak-proof.

3. Best biodegradable coffee cup – Ecoffee cup


When it comes to eco-friendly reusable coffee cups, the Ecoffee cup certainly leads the pack. This cup is made from bamboo fiber, one of the world’s most sustainable crops. You will love the thick cardboard feel of the cup even though it’s not made from cardboard. This cup is fully biodegradable so simply throw it in your compost once you’ve reused it enough times.

4. Best reusable coffee cups with lids – Copco Acadia


If you prefer eco-friendly reusable coffee cups with lids try out the Copco Acadia cup. The cup is made from durable, BPA-free plastic and features double-walled insulation to keep drinks hot or cold. The cup has a quarter-turn lid sealing design that helps prevent leaks and spills. It also has a textured, non-slip sleeve that you will love. The cup is both microwave and dishwasher safe.

5. Best reusable coffee mug for keeping drinks hot – Bodum Vacuum Mug


If you want a reusable coffee mug that can keep your coffee hot for a few hours through the day get the Bodum vacuum coffee mug. It’s made from stainless steel and has a double wall for maximum heat insulation. The insulation will keep your hot coffee hot and your iced coffee cold for a good few hours. The cup comes with a slip-proof silicone band to make it easy to carry your coffee around. The cup, however, is more of a flask than a cup so don’t expect it to replicate the coffee shop cup experience.

6. Best reusable glass coffee mug – Joco


When it comes to environmentally friendly products, the Joco reusable mug is one of the most popular items to buy. This reusable coffee cup has a beautiful clear glass body, a colorful silicone lid and matching thermal sleeve. The clear body makes it easy to see how much coffee you have left. If you need to reheat your coffee, just throw it in the microwave. The cup is both microwave and dishwasher safe. Want to know more about these stylish coffee cups? Check out our full Joco Coffee Cup Review.

7. Best on the go coffee cups – Stojo Pocket Cup


Looking for reliable on the go coffee cups to take with you on your next trip? Grab a Stojo pocket cup. It’s a compact cup that collapses into a fashionable leak-proof disc that you can easily tuck away in your pocket or bag when not using it. It also comes with a heat sleeve to carry steaming-hot drinks on the go. The cup is made from silicone, it’s BPA free and can be recycled. You can also use it to heat your drinks in the microwave and clean it with a dishwasher.

8. Best eco-friendly reusable coffee cups with handles – Yeti


Want eco-friendly reusable cups that remind you of the traditional coffee mug you use at home? Yeti coffee mug is what you need. It has a handle just like your coffee mug at home. Better still it keeps your drinks hot or cold and comes with a lid to prevent unnecessary spills. If you want to know to know more about the Yeti coffee mug? Check out our full Yeti Coffee Mug Review.

9. Best no leak reusable coffee cup – Contigo


Contigo is a popular brand when it comes to making reusable cups, bottles, and flasks. It’s especially known for its leak and spill-proof features. The Contigo coffee cup features a unique locking feature that provides a complete no-leak experience. Simply lock it when you’re not using it then just press the button to release the seal when you want to take a sip.

10. Best French press reusable mug – Bodum on-the-go French press


If you’d rather brew your own coffee even when on the go, then the Bodum on-the-go French press coffee mug will impress you. It’s quite simple to use and you can drink from the same cup once you’re done brewing your coffee. Now you can enjoy your daily fix wherever you are! It’s made from either BPA free plastic double-wall or stainless steel. It also has a silicone, non-slip grip for easy travel.

So there you go, now you should have no problem picking the best reusable coffee cup and keep your eco credentials in check!