Sweet Orange Essential Oil Benefits: Everything You Need to Know

sweet orange essential oil benefits

Oranges are a crowd-pleaser, a staple in many countries, and one of the most recognizable fruits in the world. You can eat it or squeeze it for a refreshing drink. But did you know that this infamous fruit is also a skincare product? In the orange peel that we unconsciously toss aside, there are great ingredients that are beneficial to our skin.

Sweet orange oil is extracted from oranges and turned into essential oil. This essential oil helps improve the skin’s health thanks to its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant-rich properties. 

Sounds like such an excellent essential oil, right? Let’s look at more sweet orange essential oil benefits and the best ways to use it.

What Is Sweet Orange Essential Oil?

Sweet orange oil, also known as orange oil, is extracted from oranges by cold pressing the fruit and rind. A hydraulic press is used to separate the oils from the fibrous parts of the fruits. The oil retains the fruit’s sweet, citrusy scent and its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and nourishing properties. 

9 Sweet Orange Essential Oil Benefits For Skin

Sweet orange essential oil benefits are numerous. After all, the oil is packed with vitamin C and monoterpenes such as linalool, d-limonene, and a-pinene. It also contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, insecticidal, and pain relief properties. 

1. Reduces inflammation

As mentioned, sweet orange oil has anti-inflammatory properties. If your skin is inflamed (red on light skin, dark on dark skin), swollen, and even painful, sweet orange oil might be what you’re looking for. Limonene found in the oil has been shown to reduce inflammation by reducing nitric oxide production. The high antioxidant content in the oil also helps reduce inflammation. 

2. Anti-aging properties

Orange oil might be one of the most effective anti-aging oils out there. It is antioxidant-rich, which promotes collagen production in the skin, keeping it elastic and plump looking. It also helps reduces the size of your pores thanks to its astringent effect on the skin. This makes the skin look tighter. The oil also reduces the free radical damage on your skin. 

3. Reduces dark spots

Another popular sweet orange essential oil use is the reduction of dark spots. Orange oil is a rich source of vitamin C, which helps fade pigmentation and causes your skin to become even. Vitamin C has been shown to inhibit the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color, thus reducing dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

4. Fights Acne

One of the leading sweet orange essential oil skin benefits is that it helps with acne. Thanks to the oil’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties, it’s often used to treat acne. According to a 2020 study, sweet orange oil improves acne by reducing the growth rate of sebaceous gland spots and decreasing the release of inflammatory cytokines, among other reactions. 

5. Wound healing

There’s some evidence that sweet orange oil can promote wound healing thanks to its high antioxidant content. Antioxidants are assumed to help control wound oxidative stress, keeping it low, so that wound healing is accelerated. Orange oil also boosts collagen production, which helps wounds heal faster. Its antimicrobial properties prevent wounds from becoming infected. 

6. Improves blood circulation

Blood circulation brings oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells. Massaging diluted orange oil into your skin helps improve blood circulation. Consistent massages also rejuvenate your skin, protect it from radical damage, and boost the growth of new skin cells to replace the old ones. 

7. Controls oil

Orange oil contains boosting properties that help reduce excess sebum secretion and maintain your skin’s natural oil balance. Add 5-6 drops of orange essential oil to a cup of water to make a facial toner. Apply the toner evenly on your clean face, then apply a water-based moisturizer to eliminate oily skin.

8. Protects from damage

Another sweet orange essential oil benefit is that it helps protect your skin from damage. Sweet orange oil has a high amount of limonene, typically found in the rind of citrus fruits. Limonene can help protect the skin from pollution, UV rays, smoke, and free radicals. A 2022 study shows that limonene protects the skin from premature aging caused by long-term exposure to UVB radiation. 

9. Natural perfume

The sweet orange essential oil has an incredibly soothing scent. It smells like orange peels but sweeter. Apply it on your skin, and the scent will stick. If you’ve been looking for a natural perfume, try this one out.

What Are the Side Effects of Orange Oil?

Sweet orange oil has a few side effects. It is possibly phototoxic, so don’t go into the sun immediately after applying it, and use sunscreen when you do. Prolonged exposure to the oil can cause skin burns, irritation, and contact dermatitis. 

If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid this essential oil altogether. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are advised not to use sweet orange oil. Of course, this is not the oil for you if you’re allergic to citrus fruit. Those with severe medical issues should also avoid using this oil. 

Even if you don’t have any of the conditions mentioned above, it’s advisable that before you begin using this essential oil, you consult your dermatologist. You can also perform spot testing by applying a drop of oil on your forearm to see if you will react to it. 

Never apply undiluted sweet orange oil to your skin. Make sure it doesn’t touch your eyes, ears, or mucous membranes.

How To Use Orange Oil on Your Skin

The beauty of sweet orange essential oil is that you can use it in so many different ways. You can:

  • Dilute it with a carrier oil and apply it on your face.
  • Add a few drops to your favorite natural face oils/creams.
  • Add a few drops to your body lotion or moisturizer.
  • Mix it with shea butter to make a hydrating lip balm.
  • Make an exfoliate by adding the oil to raw sugar.
  • Mix the oil into a warm bath.
  • Add it to your body wash and shampoo.
  • Use it as a natural body perfume thanks to its sweet, fruity scent.
  • Use it to treat acne by adding it to aloe vera gel and applying a thick layer on your acne.

Where to Buy Sweet Orange Oil

We’ve discussed the benefits of sweet orange essential oil, and here’s our recommended brand.

Handcraft Sweet Orange Essential Oil

sweet orange essential oil benefits for skin

Handcraft Sweet Orange Essential Oil contains 100% pure and natural sweet orange oil. It’s made of premium quality oil tested by an independent lab to ensure it has no fillers or additives. It’s cruelty-free, and each formula is paraben and sulfate-free. The glass bottle protects the oil from sunlight, and the shipping boxes are fully recyclable. Despite this, the product is affordable and accessible to all.  

As you can see, the sweet orange essential oil benefits are many. The oil provides anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial benefits. It tackles acne, tightens your skin, and helps protect it from environmental damage. After a few months of using this oil, your skin will look even, bright, and smooth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Orange Oil Whiten Skin?

Yes, one of the benefits of sweet orange oil is that it can lighten your skin. The oil contains citric acid and limonene, which are effective at skin whitening. Citric acid promotes the growth of new skin cells to replace old ones. Limonene stimulates new cell growth and reduces inflammation. 

Can I Put Orange Oil on My Face?

Yes, you can apply orange oil topically on your face. First, dilute it with a carrier oil and then massage it on your face. 

Can I Apply Orange Oil Directly to Skin?

Don’t use undiluted orange oil directly on your skin. It can cause chemical burns and irritation. Always dilute the oil with a carrier oil like olive oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil. 

Does Orange Oil Fade Dark Spots?

One of the sweet orange essential oil benefits for the skin is that it can help fade dark spots. It’s a rich vitamin C source that helps lighten dark spots and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Can I Drink Orange Oil?

Orange oil, like other essential oils, should never be ingested. It should be used externally only. Drinking orange oil can lead to cramping, diarrhea, and poisoning.


Kumar, K. J. S., et al. (2022). Limonene protects human skin keratinocytes against UVB-induced photodamage and photoaging by activating the Nrf2-dependent antioxidant defense system. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/tox.23646

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