10 Best Bamboo Shirt Brands For Both Men & Women [2023]

Best Bamboo Shirt Brands

Shirts are pretty versatile. You can wear one to work, or for brunch, or even wear one to your wedding (for the men)! Either occasion, you’ll be looking good. 

Besides looking good, you want a shirt whose fabric feels great on your skin. Bamboo shirts are soft on the skin regardless of their thread count. They’re also good for the environment. 

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable plants in the world. So not only are you doing your part in protecting the environment, but you’re also being good to your skin.

Since you’re searching for eco-friendly bamboo shirts, you might be interested in learning more about bamboo as a fabric. If so, check out: Bamboo Fabric In Clothing: Is Bamboo Fiber Sustainable?

Best Bamboo Shirt Brands

Here are the 10 best bamboo shirt brands available in the market today:

1. Boody Bamboo Shirts

Boody is a clothing brand that makes a variety of undergarments, tops, and bottoms for men, women, and children. The brand has an impressive shirt collection for everyone.

For women, you have your choice in camis, crew neck shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve t-shirts, V-neck shirts, tank tops, muscle tank tops, boyfriend t-shirts, and so on. 

The men’s bamboo shirts section is not shabby either. You can buy muscle tees, V-neck t-shirts, tank tops, crew-neck t-shirts, and long-sleeved t-shirts.

Boody’s fabric comprises 95% viscose from bamboo and 5% spandex. The shirts come in 4-7 different colors depending on your purchase. The sizes range from extra-small to extra-large. These bamboo t-shirts are very breathable and super soft. They’re also easy to clean and durable.

Boody is entirely transparent when it comes to its supply chain. The company is passionate about selling affordable luxury clothes and protecting the environment. Boody is part of the 1% for the Planet organization. Members of the organization donate 1% of their annual sales to help protect the environment.

Based in: New South Wales, Australia. Ships internationally. 



2. BAM T-shirts

BAM is a UK-based clothing brand that specializes in activewear and performance garments. The men’s shirt collection includes flannel shirts, overshirts, quarter-zip shirts, polo shirts, graphic shirts, long sleeve shirts, and training t-shirts. There are short sleeve shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, and layering tops for women.

BAM has different blends for their shirts. For example, the women’s bamboo shirt comprises 60% lyocell eucalyptus and 40% bamboo viscose. The men’s graphic t-shirt is made with 60% bamboo viscose, 28% organic cotton, and 4% elastane. The result is bamboo shirts that work perfectly for their intended purpose, whether you’re going to the gym or going out with your friends. The material is highly absorbent and odor-resistant. Each shirt is lightweight and kind to sensitive skin.

BAM strives to be sustainable and ethical in every step of its production. It doesn’t take shortcuts with their clothes or with their workers. The company takes environmental issues seriously.

Based in: the UK. Ships internationally. 



3. Thought Apparel

Thought is a bamboo clothing company that makes shirts for women only. The company was established in 1995 and is one of the oldest eco-friendly clothing brands. It sells bamboo vest tops, singlets, and tees. The material comprises 67% viscose from bamboo, 28% organic cotton, and 5% spandex or elastane jersey.

The color range is not extensive, but the shirts are stylish, comfortable, soft, and breathable. They’re also biodegradable, which is essential as textile waste is a significant problem today. 

The clothes fit snugly. If you like a loose bamboo shirt, then choose a bigger size. Vegans will be happy to know that Thought makes vegan-friendly clothes. That’s not all. 95% of the packaging used by the company is recycled.

Based in: London, UK. Ships internationally.



4. Tasc Bamboo Shirts

Tasc Bamboo Shirts

Tasc is a Louisiana-based brand that sells high-quality bamboo shirts for men and women. When it comes to bamboo shirts, men have their choice of fitness t-shirts, V-neck shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, quarter-zip shirts, and fitted long sleeve shirts. Women can buy short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, V-neck t-shirts, tanks, longline shirts, and fitness t-shirts.

The fabric is made from bamboo viscose, organic cotton, and elastane or spandex. The color range for women includes pink, periwinkle, lake blue, and navy. It depends on the type of bamboo tee shirt you want.

Tasc’s bamboo clothing is cozy, lightweight, smooth, and machine washable. They have thermo-regulatory and moisture-wicking properties, making them perfect for working out.

Tasc strives to be sustainable every step of the way. They used sustainable materials such as bamboo and organic cotton in their clothes. 90% of the energy used to produce clothes comes from solar power. During the drying process, 99% of the water is reused.

Based in: Louisiana, USA. Ships internationally.



5 . Free Fly

Free Fly

Free Fly is a family-owned business found in South Carolina. It makes bamboo clothing for men, women, and children. Free Fly’s bamboo-making process is more sustainable than most as the company uses a closed-loop system. The chemical solutions used during the processing are reused and recycled to minimize waste. Free Fly also uses bamboo from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified farmlands in China’s northern forests.

For men, there are long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, button-up t-shirts, tees, polo shirts, and quarter-zip shirts, among others. Women can choose from a collection of tank tops, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve tees, quarter-zip shirts, and Henley shirts.

The shirts are made from 55% cotton and 45% viscose from bamboo. For men, the sizes range from small to triple extra-large. Women’s shirt sizes range from extra-small to extra-large. You get between 3-5 color choices. These shirts also offer UPF 40-50+ sun protection.

Based in: South Carolina, USA. Ships internationally.



6. Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth is a clothing store specializing in high-quality bamboo clothes for men and women. The bamboo used is grown on USDA organic certified farms. Cozy Earth clothes are OEKO-TEX 100 Certified, meaning they are free of harmful chemicals. All the clothes are made under fair labor and trade practices.

Not only is Cozy Earth ethical, but the clothes they make are also fantastic. The fabric is incredibly soft and feels incredible on your skin. The shirts are breathable and have moisture-wicking properties that eliminate hot flashes. Cozy Earth’s weaving techniques prevent pilling and make the shirts durable. 

Made from 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex, these shirts are some of the best investments you can make today. For men, you can buy stretch-knit long sleeve and short sleeve shirts. Women can purchase stretch-knit short sleeve and long sleeve tops and tanks in various sizes, from extra-small to triple extra-large. 

Based in: Utah, USA. Ships internationally. 



7. Cariloha


Cariloha is an American brand that makes bamboo clothing for both men and women. The brand’s bamboo shirts are made from bamboo viscose and organic cotton, or bamboo viscose and polyester. You can find long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts for both men and women. Polo shirts for men, V-neck shirts for women. The shirts have a limited color palette, but the size options are comprehensive.

Cariloha’s shirts are durable, breathable, and moisture-wicking. They have the classic bamboo softness that people love so much. If you’re looking for a relaxed, regular-fit shirt, look no further.

The brand uses bamboo viscose and a closed-loop system, making the company GOTS-approved (Global Organic Textile Standard). Additionally, the company is a green movement participant. It donates to organizations and communities to help protect the environment.

Based in: Utah, USA. Ships to the USA, Canada, and Australia.



8. ONNO T-shirts

ONNO makes bamboo shirts in family-owned factories in India and China. On their website, you can trace where your clothes are made and learn about the factories they’re made in. That kind of transparency is rare to witness in the fashion industry. Like Cariloha, ONNO has a GOTS certification for limiting the damage caused by toxic chemicals. The company also buys carbon offsets by funding projects that tackle greenhouse emissions.

The brand features short sleeves and long sleeves shirts for men and women. The shirts comprise 70% organic bamboo and 30% organic cotton. They use their own trademarked fabric called ONNOcell. There are between 5 to 11 colors available, depending on the shirt. The sizes available range from extra-small to triple extra-large.

Based in: Colorado, USA. Ships internationally.



9. Spun Bamboo

Spun Bamboo sells affordable bamboo apparel from dresses to shorts to shirts. It is one of the top sustainable bamboo brands in the business. Spun Bamboo has long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, and short sleeve bamboo shirts available for both genders. 

For women, you can choose between V-neck shirts and scoop necklines. You get shirts that fit comfortably on your body. The fabrics of the shirts are made up of different blends of bamboo viscose, organic cotton, spandex, jersey fabric, and/or sorona (a corn-based fiber). The available sizes are small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Spun Bamboo uses sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide to produce its clothes. But thanks to its closed-loop system, these chemicals don’t end up polluting the environment. Instead, they are reused and recycled over and over again.

Based in: Los Angeles, USA. Ships internationally. 



10. Blue Bungalow

Blue Bungalow is an Australian online boutique. It sells women’s clothing, including t-shirts. The t-shirts include short-sleeved and long-sleeved t-shirts with different necklines and styles like twist tees. 

The t-shirts featured have different blends. For some, like the Jones Grey bamboo long sleeve tee, the fabric comprises 93% bamboo and 7% elastane. While others like Pia white bamboo boatneck tee consist of 70% bamboo viscose, 25% organic cotton, and 5% spandex. It all depends on the bamboo t-shirt and the style you choose. The shirts are ultra-soft, stretchy, and lightweight.

The company aims to provide women with the confidence to live their lives. This is why Blue Bungalow’s clothes tend to be stylish.

Based in: Queensland, Australia. Ships internationally.



More Bamboo T-Shirt Brands

11. Boho Bird – Features flowing bamboo shirts for women in various colors.

12. Shift to Nature – Has long-sleeved shirts with scoop necklines made with bamboo viscose.

Benefits Of Wearing a Bamboo Shirt

Bamboo fabric feels as soft as silk on your skin. This is why it’s recommended for people with sensitive skin. 

It’s comfortable to wear no matter the time of day or the season. Bamboo fabric is thermo-regulatory, meaning it’ll keep you cool when the temperature is high and warm when it’s low. This is due to the breathability of the fabric. Air filters through, and the fabric draws moisture away from your skin, cooling you in the process.

Bamboo shirts keep their shape because they don’t shrink or grow loose when you take care of them. The fabric is surprisingly resilient and strong. You won’t worry about piling or the unraveling of the fiber. 

Bamboo shirts are easy to care for, are odor-resistant, and stay dry thanks to their absorbency.

Since you’re searching for eco-friendly bamboo shirts, you might be interested in learning more about bamboo as a fabric. If so, check out: Bamboo Fabric In Clothing: Is Bamboo Fiber Sustainable? 

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