9 Best Fair Trade & Ethical Winter Coat Brands in 2023

ethical winter coats

For most people winter months are rough, but a warm coat makes it bearable. While a warm snuggly coat keeps you warm, it’s probably causing damage to the planet.

Fortunately, there’s a way to keep warm without causing harm to the planet. Get yourself an ethical winter coat.

Didn’t know that these exist? Now you do.

Here are nine of the best eco-friendly winter coat brands to help you shop for one or two coats and add them to your ethical closet. By the way if you are looking for more recommendations then check out our article on affordable sustainable clothing.

9 Best Ethical Winter Coat Brands Reviewed

1. People Tree

People Tree is a London-based all-season brand that makes some of the best fair trade coats for women. The brand keeps its winter coats simple by making them using 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton. While cotton is not the warmest of fabrics, you can add in People Tree’s stylish fall blazers and trench coats to brave through the cold.

People Tree ensures that it uses fabrics that are certified by either Fairtrade International (FLO), the Soil Association, or PETA-approved.

2. Everlane

Everlane is based in Francisco, USA. The brand’s mission is to offer exceptional quality, use ethical factories and be radically transparent about its manufacturing process.

Everlane has an amazing jacket range that includes men’s and women’s coats, puffers, lightweight jackets, blazers, casual, and parkas. The brand uses a range of materials to make its ethical winter coats.

Everlane’s eco-friendly ReNew line is made using recycled materials such as polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. They also use organic cotton, semi-synthetic such as lyocell. and recycled PrimaLoft insulation.

3. Passion Lilie

Passion Lilie is a fashion brand in New Orleans where their eco-friendly jackets are designed then produced in India. The brand’s sustainable winter coats for women are known for their beautiful patterns. Their winter range includes jackets, ponchos, boleros, blazers, and fleece coats.

Passion Lilie uses GOTS-certified organic cotton and azo-free, organic, and natural dyes to make hand block prints.

As a fair-trade company committed to creating fair trade jackets, it ensures that all workers are paid fair wages and enjoy safe and healthy working conditions.

4. Thought

Just as its name, Thought focuses on being thoughtful and intentional throughout its design and production process. For that reason, the company uses sustainable and natural fabrics.

The brand has a line of ethical winter coats and jackets made from organic cotton or recycled polyester. Most of them come with protective hoods, pockets, and weather-proof materials to keep you both warm and dry on a rainy day.

5. Patagonia

Patagonia is one of those brands committed to sustainability and protecting the planet. The company uses eco-friendly products and reclaimed materials to make its winter coats,

Its line of cold-weather coats and jackets is perfect for hikers and campers. You can choose from ethically-made rain jackets, insulated parkas made from reclaimed goose and duck down, or a warm pullover. All these pieces are high-quality pieces and you’ll be wearing them for years to come.

6. Amour Vert

Amour Vert is a name that translates to “green love” which is befitting for this brand. Amour Vert creates its winter jackets using carefully selected fabrics including natural fabrics like hemp and organic cotton as well as semi-synthetics such as FSC-certified TENCEL Modal and Lyocell. They also use non-toxic dyes. Sometimes they will also incorporate recycled cotton, leather, and PET bottle polyester.

7. Outerknown

Outerknown, with its roots in California, uses eco-friendly practices and sustainably sourced materials such as recycled fishing nets and surplus nylon to make its clothing items. You will especially love Outerknown’s fashion-forward wool coats.

Outerwear uses Fair Trade Certified facilities across Peru, China, and Mexico to manufacture its fair trade jackets.

8. Reformation

Reformation uses only sustainable and natural fabrics and fibers for its clothing items. The brand’s ethical winter coats are perfect for everyday on-the-go and after-work activities.

What makes this company stand out is how it tracks the environmental footprint of each piece. The company is transparent about how much water, waste, and carbon dioxide was saved in each piece’s production.

9. prAna

prAna is a highly ethical outdoor and sports clothing brand. Their eco-friendly coats for both men and women are made using eco-friendly fabrics including recycled polyester and organic cotton to keep you warm and dry.

You probably do not give much thought about what material your favorite winter jacket is made from, as long as it keeps you warm. Do the planet a favor and be more mindful about the kind of jacket you buy from now on. These ethical winter coats will definitely keep you warm through winter without increasing your carbon footprint. Wouldn’t you like that?